Samrathal FOundation

About Organisation

Samrathal Foundation was constituted for the purpose of total co-operation in employment-oriented higher education for the needy children of society, which is registered institution under Registration Act, 1958, registration number 150 / Jodhpur / 2017-18 dated 10-08-2017. The Foundation is currently working in Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Barmer, Jalore, Nagaur, Sirohi and Pali. With the immediate educational objective of the institution, far-reaching The Doctrine has also been prescribed which is contained in the constitution of the institution. The institution will also work for higher education as well as for future hostel construction, library building, educational awareness and career guidance, women development, environment development. The present objective objective of the institution is to select the most urgent students of the society – students and all the facilities By making available the final selection in the Engineering Recruitment Examination (IIT only), Medical Recruitment Examination (PMT-NEET), Civil Services Examination (IAS / RAS), Judicial Service Recruitment Examination (RJS) etc.

Society Membership

The jurisdiction of the institute will be Barmer, Jaisalmer, Jalore, Jodhpur, Nagor, Sirohi and Pali, in which any person belonging to the society residing with the intention of the organization wishes to be voluntarily involved, will be member, They will have to fill a membership form in a prescribed format.
1) Accepted to be given the annual minimum grant fixed by the applicant, and,
2) Membership has to be approved by any one of the current members of the institution, and,
3) Political and ideologically motivated individuals will not be members of the organization, which have an adverse effect on the objectives of the organization.
4) The Member shall have the competent position or qualification in the State Service, Legal Services, Personal Service, Social Service, Journalism and the person as per the objectives of the organization.
Subscription Charges: – The funds required to achieve the objectives of the institution are mainly proposed by the members of the institution, by grant. Therefore, for the members of the institution, the minimum grant is Rs. 11000 / – i. Annual membership fee In the first three months of the year, it will be submitted till March 31.

Necessary Information Of The Organization

1) Bank Details: –
(i) Name of institution: – Samrathal Foundation Society
(ii) PAN card of the institution: – AATAS8740B
(iii) Account Number: – 50406293607
(iv) Bank: – Allahabad Bank, Bombay Motors, Jodhpur
(v) IFSC Code: – ALLA0210275
2) Address: – 154, First Floor, Vileshwar Tower, Subhash Nagar Extension Scheme, Pal Road, Jodhpur, Rajasthan
3) Registration: – registration number: 150 / Jodhpur / 2017-18 dated 10-08-2017, under Rajasthan Institute Registration Act, 1958
4) Tel: – 9799409229, 7340178847, 9529292929, 9460144937, 9414116739, 9414562201
5) Email: –