Employment oriented Education

The main purpose of the institution should be to promote education. The selection of the most competent and needy poor students of the society will given financial support for higher education..

Women Education

Special efforts for women’s education, with the  help of elementary education to induce growth, to provide reading material,Hostel construction, financial assistance in education,  scholarship  etc..

Career counseling

The organization will organize a seminar from time to time for the apreciation and promotion of education in the scheduled time, in which the “Career counseling” will be done by the preferred and experienced subjects in different field.


Work in the field of medicine and health

Counseling and economic cooperation in medicine for medical education, medical camps organized and screening, medical camping and screening, medical camps and health sector, promotion of first aid, promotions in need of assistance in the field of high medical assistance will be done.

To develop a museum of reading material

To contribute to the scientific sector, the reading material will be collected for courses of various instances of development. The institution will make efforts to compromise the most prestigious institutions in the country and compile the best reading material, which will be adapted into soft copy and hardcopy.

Use of Information and Technology

Efforts will be made to connect all the stakeholders to fulfill the long-term objectives of the organization, so the institution will soon build the website and all the content for transparency will be declared on the website itself. The IT portal of the institution will also be developed through social media promotions will be spread.